The Knowledge Trail

We’re pleased to launch today the 1st Chandlers Ford Knowledge Trail. Now that exercise restrictions have been relaxed, we want to encourage our Young People to get out and learn all about Chandlers Ford and the surrounding area. We’re surrounded by woodlands, fun facts and generally pleasant areas to offer an alternative to the same four walls.

The pack contains 111 points (1 for each year the 1st Chandlers Ford Group has existed), but you can complete as many as you like. They’re spread out around Chandlers Ford and the surrounding area, so nearly all of you will have a point within walking distance. Write down your answers and take photos, then send these to your leader as these will count towards badges, including the Hike badge. We’d also love to see your photos on the Facebook group, so let’s fill that with the best photos Chandlers Ford has to offer!

Whilst we’re launching this for May Camp and encouraging you to do some this week and Saturday itself, the pack can be completed anytime and still count for badges. We know some aren’t able to get to Chandlers Ford next week, but they won’t miss out, they just get to save it for the summer or whenever suits them.

All the points are on google maps, right here:

This will open on your phone.

We hope you enjoy completing as much of the trail as you can, it’s been a lot of fun to put together and has helped the leaders learn a lot about Chandlers Ford, so we hope you do too!